Delayed Flight Claims

European flight compensation claims information.

Delayed Flight Claims

Have you been on a flight that was late by more than two hours?

Fol­low­ing recent Euro­pean leg­is­la­tion and a court case, air­lines must now com­pen­sate pas­sen­gers for delayed flights. You can claim up to 600 Euros per pas­sen­ger for delayed, can­celled and over­booked flights to or from Europe.  Claims can be made for flights in the last six years. So what are delayed flight claims? By EU law air­lines must pay pas­sen­gers on late flights. Have you been on a late flight? If so then you may be able to claim. The longer the delay the more you get. The longer the dis­tance the more you get. If the air­line could have avoided the delay they must pay out. You can only claim on flights to or from Europe. The air­line must be reg­is­tered in Europe.

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How does it work?

Here is a sim­ple exam­ple. A six hour delay on a flight from Heathrow to New York. The delay was caused by a staff short­age. A pilot was too ill to fly and there was no standby avail­able. The air­line is reg­is­tered in Europe. Under the law, all pas­sen­gers would be paid com­pen­sa­tion by the air­line. Call us on 0161 839 2949 to find out more about delayed flight claims.  Our friendly UK peo­ple will help you start a claim.

Some more examples

€2400 (approx £2032) — Com­pen­sa­tion for four pas­sen­gers trav­el­ling from Man­ches­ter to Tel Aviv. Delayed by six hours.
€1200 (approx £1016) — Com­pen­sa­tion for two pas­sen­gers trav­el­ling from Heathrow to New York delayed by six hours.
€600 (approx £508) — Com­pen­sa­tion for one pas­sen­ger trav­el­ling solo from Gatwick to Sao Paulo delayed by six hours.

Airlines must compensate passengers for delayed flights

Some­thing goes wrong and lots of flights get delayed

To find out more about the law which requires the com­pen­sa­tion you can check out the Civil Avi­a­tion Authority’s website.

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Having your flight delayed can ruin your holiday

Flight delays ruin holidays